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The Transketeers is the filmmaking collective of Bart Peters, Jonah Lamers and Chris Rijksen. Three transgender men based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, who joined forces in 2014 to make their first project Trans*Tapes. After successfully finishing the Trans*Tapes the Transketeers have since then produced a range of audiovisual productions, and have been active speakers in public forums on genderdiversity.

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We specialize in telling unheard and invisible stories from original sources. Our strength is the creation of narrative productions with a focus on authenticity and inspiration.

This website showcases our projects, both finished and in production. You can also view the Trans*Tapes as video-on-Demand. You can keep up to date on our News page and you can book one of our workshops.

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We worked (previously) with

Bart Peters


Bart graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy (2012) with a focus on fiction. Since then he has broadened his horizon by directing documentaries and working as an editor. Other projects of Bart include the series Queer Amsterdam and magazine L’HBTQ. His own website is the filmbakker.

jonah lamers

Jonah Lamers


Jonah is the producer of the Transketeers. With a masters degree in Social Sciences (2010), he is the theoretical backbone of the collective. Aside from producing, Jonah has a lot of experience working as an educator. Other projects of Jonah include The Genderbread Kit.

Chris Rijksen


Chris graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (2013). In 2015, he finished the Sandberg Institute. Since then he focusses on making movies and telling stories on the edge of reality. Chris won the Pride Photo Award in 2012, and was featured in exhibitions among others in Amsterdam, New York, Belgrado and Tokyo. Chris has also his own website.